About Catrice

Catrice Downs is an Author, Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. Catrice currently serves as the CEO of The CDPS Group, a Virtual Business Office that specializes in Nonprofit Management and Consulting. 

Catrice has spoken to audiences of 1 and 150 to motivate and encourage participants to tap into their God-given passions in order to fulfill their purpose for life. 

Catrice’s professional resume expands from various business sectors such as: Healthcare Management

Nonprofit Management

Behavioral Health Management 

Catrice’s passion is simple, to encourage others to live their lives out loud and in color, live in their truths and to succeed in their endeavors. 

In 2009, Catrice was ordained an Evangelist and currently holds an International License to minister the Gospel. She incorporates her walk with God in her business to spread the Good News of Christ through sharing her testimony of deliverance and with her book entitled “Triumph over Adversity”. Catrice’s passion is to encourage others to live their lives out loud and in color. Due to her time in ministry, Catrice developed a adverse outlook on life regarding the state of the Body of Christ. Catrice is best known for her raw and controversial content on Periscope TV and YouTube. 

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“It doesn’t matter the number of persons in the audience of the platform in which you speak, what matters most is the impact you make.” ~Catrice Downs